As of today I have made the decision (and started)...
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As of today I have made the decision (and started) to use Airbyte in production for replicating (and hopefully soon, Transforming) our backend data in our warehouse. Still our biggest wishlist and things that would definitely keep us in the ecosystem long term: • CDC for Mongo • User Management Thanks to John, Marcos, Shrif, Abhi and more who have spoken/engaged with me in the past months. Is there a separate channel for those of us who have made the big choice to use in production? :)
great to hear it, @Adhithya Ravichandran! Mongo CDC should be coming in the next couple of months, and user management is a work in progress. So far we’ve been handling prod questions in the current set of channels, do you feel it would be useful to have a dedicated channel?
That’s great to know! Yes I think it would be great. Inherently operating Airbyte in prod is a higher level of commitment and folks who have done it are likely to have figured out more things than those who are just trying it out. So a channel or two which serves as a community might help. For instance, I had to build a local docker image to ensure the connection string for Mongo is correct for Mongo Atlas. (also option to give connection string directly in Mongo would be great if it comes with CDC 🙂 )
Maybe a channel #best-practices?