# feedback-and-requests

Marco Fontana

07/21/2021, 1:08 PM
Hi all , have a feedback reg the connection screen. • When you browse the source schema for selecting the tables you want to replicate the list sometimes disappears when removing a filter; e.g.: i search for tables containing ML, i select that table, and then when i remove the filter the list disappears and i need to wait again for the list to be fetched from source. ◦ it's because the used has access to some public oracle tables.APEX, OLAPSYS that have a lot of tables.... -->> Would be nice to have the option to select the schema or something similar.

Jeff Crooks

07/21/2021, 8:31 PM
thats interesting! most for large databases. @Alexandru Manolache do you feel comfortable opening a Github issue requesting this feature?