Hi Team, we are using 0.35.60-alpha version runni...
# troubleshooting
Hi Team, we are using 0.35.60-alpha version running in kubernetes, we have a question from our POC on Airbyte for data ingestion from mssql server to snowflake datawareshouse In Airbyte mssql server source connection, For replication method, we have the following description: "Replication Method - The replication method used for extracting data from the database. STANDARD replication requires no setup on the DB side but will not be able to represent deletions incrementally. CDC uses {TBC} to detect inserts, updates, and deletes. This needs to be configured on the source database itself." When we tried CDC option from above for replication method, airbyte has thrown error "MSSQL requires snapshot isolation enabled for CDC" error. However we have gone through in detail the usage of snapshot isolation configuration for mssql server, and we have below question: 1. Why do we need to enable the "ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION" db option on the mssql server databases? This is not a requirement of CDC in mssql server. Can anyone clarify the above use of "ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION" db option on the mssql server database? (since we dont want to enable in mssql server unless we understand the intended use of "ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION" db option)
Hi there! Thank you for your time posting in our Slack Channel. This week we’re moving our support discussions over to discuss.airbyte.io; if you would be so kind as to post your questions there, you’ll be able ask for help from fellow users as well as the Airbyte team. It is our intention that as of Friday afternoon (Pacific Time) we will lock this channel to everything except administrator posts. We’ll leave everything in place for the rest of April if you need to get information or troubleshooting from existing threads, with the intention of archiving the channel in early May. We really appreciate everyone helping us to build our community, and we’re looking forward to the next phase.
sure, thanks Marcos