We have triggered 50 jobs parallely(to stress test...
# contributing-to-airbyte
We have triggered 50 jobs parallely(to stress test our server) after changing the MAX_SYNC_WORKERS to 50. Initially all the jobs are in running state and few jobs got successfully completed. At a point we hit resource limit of the system and all the jobs went to pending state. After the resources are avaliable none of the pending state jobs started. https://github.com/airbytehq/airbyte/issues/9375 Could you please help us out there :-)
Thanks @Naveen Sai Patnana for opening this issue. I'll reach out to the team. We'll update you directly on the issue.
Hi @[DEPRECATED] Augustin Lafanechere , We got jammed here, could you please give us an update on this issue.