# troubleshooting

Ayyoub Maulana Hadidy

04/04/2022, 4:26 AM
Hi can i know how airbyte hashing the __airbyte__unique_key ? does airbyte use this ?
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Marcos Marx (Airbyte)

04/05/2022, 4:53 PM
Hi there! Thank you for your time posting in the [Troubleshooting or whatever] Slack Channel. This week we’re moving our support discussions over to; if you would be so kind as to post your questions there, you’ll be able ask for help from fellow users as well as the Airbyte team. It is our intention that as of Friday afternoon (Pacific Time) we will lock this channel to everything except administrator posts. We’ll leave everything in place for the rest of April if you need to get information or troubleshooting from existing threads, with the intention of archiving the channel in early May. We really appreciate everyone helping us to build our community, and we’re looking forward to the next phase. Sincerely, the Airbyte team.

Ayyoub Maulana Hadidy

04/12/2022, 11:02 PM
thanks @Marcos Marx (Airbyte) for update