Is it possible to run a manual sync of a connectio...
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Is it possible to run a manual sync of a connection passing something like a config override json, so that we can run a one-off sync without having to explicitly reconfigure the actual source or connection? Example: we have a connection with a Github source, but we want to do a one-off sync on a different set of repositories while keeping the current set of repositories in the source configuration for the normal sync schedule.
A REST API-only option is fine for us
@Christopher Wu you already have the source/destination, why not create another connection and set to manual? This way you have the option to sync whenever you want octavia rocket
Yes but we want the manual sync to run on a different source configuration, e.g. list of Github repositories, without having to do the dance of updating source config, run manual sync, revert source config. I know we can simply create additional sources/connections but we’re trying to avoid creating extra connections to minimize clutter if possible