Hi everyone ! *Deployment*: Kubernetes *Airbyte Ve...
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Hi everyone ! Deployment: Kubernetes Airbyte Version: 0.32.8-alpha I can't find any trace of the Appsflyer application in the sources (doc or in-app cf. linked screenshot), despite the announcement made in this post. I use this 5 months old docker image in a custom way but still I can't track the different image evolutions / updates (version, changelog, etc.) via Airbyte settings like the other sources. I'm not sure about the procedure and how I can help to do so, but would it be possible in a future release to add Appsflyer source connector to the "native" source list ?
@Clovis Masson there is a native appsflyer connector
you can add manually it, I'll see the reason why is not in the connector list