# troubleshooting

Kev Daly

04/01/2022, 8:36 PM
Is this your first time deploying Airbyte: No Deployment: Docker Airbyte Version: 0.35.3-alpha Source name/version: PostgreSQL / Redshift Destination name/version: Snowflake Step: Loading from temp tables Description: Hi all, I am experiencing this issue as I start to set up my connection to Snowflake via Airbyte. I was loading normally before, but decided to make changes to the destination structure (rename database, etc.) and updated the connection in Airbyte accordingly. Now experiencing this issue, which seems to be with Snowflake connection between when the staging tables load and are trying to load to production tables. Testing the destination connection has no issues. Any advice would be a huge help - thank you!
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2022-04-01 18:26:07 normalization >   File ".../", line 198, in transform_snowflake
2022-04-01 18:26:07 normalization >     "password": config["password"],
2022-04-01 18:26:07 normalization > KeyError: 'password'
2022-04-01 18:26:07 INFO i.a.w.t.TemporalAttemptExecution(lambda$getWorkerThread$2):177 - Completing future exceptionally...
io.airbyte.workers.WorkerException: Normalization Failed.