# feedback-and-requests

Matt Freeman

12/21/2021, 6:47 AM
I've just been briefly testing Hevo Data cloud and found some horrors from a privacy/security aspect so I've canned that experiment, for example on pipeline source and destination setup of a pipeline they send the information as you use the page to smartlook and intercom (although intercom ajax might be timer based and perhaps not based on each form input/blur), the implications of this are concerning for example if someone is configuring an endpoint that is publically accessible with just a set of credentials (not our case but still concerning) you then have to worry about them leaking elsewhere. I see the dreaded Intercom on the airbyte homepage page and just want to make sure there is none of this sillyness here - i.e. there is currently no third party watchers or RUM crap that listening for each form event on setup pages or otherwise in the Airbyte admin UX/UI (homepage I can forgive) - or if there is this can be opted out - and more importantly (since I can verify the first step) that marketing doesn't have some GTM access to add their own third parties randomly at a later date.. I guess as I write this I thinking maybe open source version and self hosted is better suited to us

Roy Peter

12/21/2021, 2:04 PM
Hi @Matt Freeman I'll let @Erica Struthers reassure you about the security of our cloud platform.
Hi @Matt Freeman, Intercom is simply used for a live chat tool to support our customers and those trialing Cloud. The only information we request/gather from the user is a simple email. We do not have any third party watchers or apps gathering any data other than the requested email address.