# feedback-and-requests

Anatole Callies

01/05/2022, 10:27 AM
Hi, How safe is the upgrading process ? Will it automatically revert if it fails ? I have airbyte v 0.32-5 deployed with docker-compose on AWS and want to follow these steps to upgrade it: But I want to make sure I won't lose the data in case it fails. Is it possible to run a dry run upgrade or to duplicate my instance to test the upgrade ? Thanks
Hey @Anatole Callies It's better if you can make an AMI and then try the upgrade that way you can be sure
backup your existing .env file + docker-compose.yaml, pull the latest versions using the wget command. you should just restart docker-compose (down, up). do keep a backup of your volume data as well. current version seems to be VERSION=0.35.3-alpha, preferable to do this on a separate machine before you upgrade
Thanks @Harshith (Airbyte). However, how can I install the old 0.32.5 version on the separate AMI to test the upgrade ? I only saw how to install the latest version in the docs