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# contributing-to-airbyte
Weird yes
@Serhii Chvaliuk [GL] having some trouble understanding the changeset here can you help out https://github.com/airbytehq/airbyte/pull/9528
The file in question should be fixed but the rest of the commits should already be in master from a merge yesterday unless they were reverted?
Okay I refreshed the fork copy and the PR looks a little bit more readable now please review when you have time
I am about ‘<<<<<<< HEAD’
in master branch I can see not fixed merge conflict
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cat ./airbyte-integrations/connectors/destination-snowflake/src/test/java/io/airbyte/integrations/destination/snowflake/SnowflakeDestinationTest.java

import io.airbyte.integrations.base.Destination;
<<<<<<< HEAD
import io.airbyte.protocol.models.AirbyteMessage;
import io.airbyte.protocol.models.AirbyteRecordMessage;
import io.airbyte.protocol.models.CatalogHelpers;
import io.airbyte.protocol.models.ConfiguredAirbyteCatalog;
import io.airbyte.protocol.models.DestinationSyncMode;
import io.airbyte.protocol.models.Field;
import io.airbyte.protocol.models.JsonSchemaPrimitive;
import io.airbyte.protocol.models.*;
import org.junit.jupiter.api.DisplayName;
import org.junit.jupiter.api.Test;

>>>>>>> master
import java.nio.file.Path;
I see you commited new source-hellobaton connector and I am not sure why you changed this file “SnowflakeDestinationTest.java” at all
maybe some java code formatter touched it
if you changed this file “SnowflakeDestinationTest.java” by an accident you can recover this file “SnowflakeDestinationTest.java” ( just restore a copy of this file as if you not touched it at all )
I didnt change that file
I had no reason to even go in that directory
Restore to what state though? The commits in my forked copy of airbyte aren't the same as the master branch
sec let me look on PR branch
Regardless those are just import statements so the PR I have up for your review just removes the git merge conflict syntax and doesn't make any choices about which java libraries should be imported. If checks pass then merge if not then maybe ask for the review of the contributor of that file who knows which libraries should be imported
@[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx ^^^^
Let me check
@Serhii Chvaliuk [GL] I made the confusion when dealing with conflict helping Daniel