Sree Charan

01/18/2022, 5:25 PM
Thanks for this very helpful project. I was looking for some help with an issue I was facing, while I was following your docs on dbt transformations. As mentioned in the docs, I issued the following command “docker run --rm -i -v airbyte_workspace:/data -w /data/9/1/normalize --network host --entrypoint /usr/local/bin/dbt airbyte/normalization debug --profiles-dir=. --project-dir=.” to debug/check the default dbt project created by AirByte, however I face the following error: Running with dbt=0.21.1 dbt version: 0.21.1 python version: 3.8.12 python path: /usr/local/bin/python os info: Linux-4.9.125-linuxkit-x86_64-with-glibc2.2.5 Using profiles.yml file at /data/9/1/normalize/profiles.yml Using dbt_project.yml file at /data/9/1/normalize/dbt_project.yml Configuration:  profiles.yml file [ERROR invalid]  dbt_project.yml file [OK found and valid] Required dependencies:  - git [OK found] 1 check failed: Profile loading failed for the following reason: Runtime Error  Credentials in profile “normalize”, target “prod” invalid: Runtime Error   Could not find adapter type mysql! Any help in resolving this issue will be of atmost help Thanks in advance
Hi Sree, list of dbt adapaters and MySQL is not one of them

Harsha Teja Kanna

01/19/2022, 1:56 PM
Hi Team,
Thanks a lot lemme check with postgresql
Hi @Sree Charan, we are using this adapter for mysql:
pip install dbt-mysql