Hey <!channel>! Here are the patch notes from <htt...
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Hey <!channel>! Here are the patch notes from v0.35.46-alpha to v0.35.62-alpha ⚠️ Breaking changes Importing workspace configurations will fail unless the
flag is set. Warning: Setting the flag will expose your credentials and might introduce a security risk. (#11296) 🚀 New source: Chargify (#10853) (contributed by Javier162380) *New and improved features* • Revamped the Recurly Schema (#9866) • Added the
parameter to
custom insight
streams for the FB Marketing source connector (#10531) • Enhanced performance for streams which run substreams for the Stripe source connector (#10359) • Added support for enriching ledger entries with numeric properties for the Orb source connector (#10839) • The Zendesk Support source connector and the Snowflake destination connector now support OAuth (#11162) (#11093)The Snowflake destination connector is now more scalable with memory usage when working with a large number of streams (#10866) • Primary keys are now set for streams with an
for the HubSpot source connector (#11121) • Implement the
stream for the Shopify source connector (#10204) • The GitLab source connector now ingests all accessible groups (#11140) • The S3 destination connector now supports AWS Glue crawler (#11173) • Change buffering for the S3 destination connector to reduce/stabilize memory/thread consumption (#11294) • Added support for the custom reports endpoint for the BambooHR source connector (#11326) • Added
field to
stream for the Intercom source connector (#11206) 🐛 Bug fixes • Added new
streams to the Github source (#10385)(#10766) • Fixed the credit note model for the Chargebee source connector (#10827) • Removed stage history from
stream and handled 10K+ search-endpoint queries for the Hubspot source connector (#10707)(#10700) • Fixed the
stream pagination for full refresh and incremental sync modes for the Hubspot source connector. (#11266) • Fixed timestamp cursor for the Snowflake source connector (#10849) • ExternalDB settings are now passed to temporal deployment (#10923) • Improved
state handling for the Shopify source connector (#10915) • Secrets are now correctly populated inside nested non-combination objects (#10926) • Added temporary OAuth error handling for the Facebook Marketing source connector (#10917)Snowflake and Redshift destination connectors no longer have missing records when using S3 staging (#11254) • Incremental syncs for the Intercom source connector are now faster (#11208) • Fixed the campaign stream normalization (#10975) • Decreased normalization event buffer size (#11267) • Fixed a bug that caused the
stream to not return removed records in the Zendesk Support source connector (#11349) • Fixed the bucket path for the S3 destination connector (#11496) octavia loves Thank you to our awesome contributors! @Artem Astapenko @Luis Gomez @Danucas @wbchn @Vladimir Remar @Oliver Meyer @Luca Crema @Filipe Banzoli @yannibenoit @Adam Schmidt @Mohamad Hallak @Brian Krausz @Shyngys Nurzhan @Javier Llorente Mañas @Ramon Vermeulen @najustin @Kemp Po @Kshitij Grover @tbcdns @Christian Persson @gavnate @Jasper C @Mohamed Magdy @davidbeckse @Brian Leonard
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