# releases-and-early-demos

Christopher Wu

03/30/2022, 4:36 PM
Hey everyone, We have officially launched Faros Community Edition (CE) on ProductHunt! Faros CE provides ELT, APIs, BI, and automation for engineering operations data, enabling you to answer questions about bottlenecks in your CI/CD pipelines, issues in your onboarding processes, and progress towards your goals, with data that is fresh, connected, queryable, and most importantly — ALL IN ONE PLACE! Built with Airbyte 💜, Hasura, Metabase, DBT, and n8n. We invite all of you to learn more and leave a comment or a review: We will also be going more in depth about Faros CE and how it uses Airbyte in the Airbyte Community Call on 4/12. See you then!
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