# troubleshooting

Hamza Liaqat

03/29/2022, 5:56 AM
Hi Everyone, I'm using Airbyte API (with dagster). My source connector is Github. When I use this endpoint
(link) and my GitHub source is more than 10 repos I get a timeout error on this particular endpoint only.
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Request to Airbyte API failed: HTTPConnectionPool(host='localhost', port=8000): Read timed out. (read timeout=15)
When the number of repos is less than 10, it works fine and I get source catalog. I don't face this issue when I use airbyte UI.
That endpoint (which times out) seems to return the same json response for Github Source irrespective of the number of repos, right? And, I'm thinking of simply hard-coding that json response as a temporary fix.

Marcos Marx (Airbyte)

03/29/2022, 8:29 PM
@Hamza Liaqat check for any timeout in the load balancer your instance is installed.