Madhu Prabhakara

02/20/2022, 8:18 PM
Hey everyone, So I ran into this issue while integrating smartsheet. ( I wanted to compile airbyte code with the fix suggested in that thread but I get the following error when I try to compile the code.
*> Task :airbyte-integrations:connectors:source-smartsheets:flakeCheck* FAILED
[python] .venv/bin/python -m flake8 . --config /home/ubuntu/airbyte/tools/python/.flake8
./source_smartsheets/ F841 local variable 'columns' is assigned to but never used
FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
Any clue on what might be wrong....? I am pretty new to this so it possible that I am doing something terribly wrong...
I was able to solve this problem with the main problem reading smartsheets data remains.
Hey we can do this conversation over github issue itself.
Hi Harshith, yes. I have reached out over the github thread. Thanks.