# connector-development

David Hadaller

03/28/2022, 2:52 PM
Hi all, I had a quick question about the Okta connector; as it stands today, how can I use the airbyte connector for okta to ingest custom user attributes? Or, do I have to fork the code from the existing connector and add a json schema config and classmethod for each custom attribute endpoint?

Augustin Lafanechere (Airbyte)

03/28/2022, 4:00 PM
Hi @David Hadaller, to tweak a connector you need to: • Fork our repo • Build the connector locally (check readme file of the connector) • Make the change you need • Rebuild the connector, and test is out on a local airbyte instnace • Open a PR on our repo and our team will review and merge your contribution About the code itself, if custom attributes are missing fields from an existing stream you need to update the stream's schema to add your field. If custom attributes are a dedicated okta api endpoint, you'll need to code a new stream and declare its schema.
Feel free to open a topic on our Discourse forum if you'd like to follow up with the community or our team, we're moving the community support there.

David Hadaller

03/28/2022, 4:09 PM
@Augustin Lafanechere (Airbyte) Thanks so much for the reply; yeah for this particular project, I think it's too much hassle to tweak an existing connector in this way, but will keep in mind for future efforts