Hi everyone, not sure if this channel is the right...
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Hi everyone, not sure if this channel is the right place to put that message but I’d love to have your thoughts on a topic. How do you manage to reconcile data objects from multiple data sources? example: • Link/associate an invoice on quickbooks to a Deal on Hubspot • Link/associate a stripe subscription to an Account on Salesforce • Link a task on Asana to a google calendar event • Link a Github issue or pull request to a Jira ticket • Link objects between business tools (not necessarily CRMs) I’d love to discuss with anyone who though about connecting/associating all the different data objects that live inside SaaS tools
Sorry for the general answer, but it sounds like that’s what a data warehouse is supposed to do? From Wikipedia:
DateWarehouses are central repositories of integrated data from one or more disparate sources. They store current and historical data in one single place that are used for creating analytical reports for workers throughout the enterprise.
The data stored in the warehouse is uploaded from the operational systems (such as marketing or sales).
For example, using similar sources as you listed, you have this example of a warehouse (all implemented using dbt for transformations): https://github.com/rittmananalytics/ra_data_warehouse (This stack could easily be compatible with Airbyte too) Does that answer your question?