Today, data teams are working in a constant state ...
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Today, data teams are working in a constant state of flux. The amount of data generated by companies today is exploding, and data teams serve as stewards of this growing resource. There's no denying that data is traditionally siloed and in need of cleaning, documentation, and smooth delivery to stakeholders. Most data teams are working with poor tools to facilitate workflows, efficiency, and enablement. This is because they're using tooling that isn't specifically designed to make the data team more productive: Confluence for data documentation, Slack for data requests, Jira for project management. By adopting these tools as their workflow tools, data teams are missing out on efficiency that can be gained by centralizing their operations in a single place. Similar to customer support teams, data teams are usually reactive by nature. But customer support teams have started using tools like Intercom to avoid repetitive work and enable self-service. Data teams need similar tools to improve their efficiency, help them avoid repetitive work and enable self-service across the company. This is what we’re working towards at Secoda. The answer doesn't lie in standalone data catalogues, data discovery, data lineage or data governance tools. We believe the solution requires something new. The right tool is a bundle (here we go again, data Twitter) of these different tools into a new category called Data Enablement. Here's the full article if you're interested in reading more:
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