# troubleshooting

Hokam Singh Chauhan

03/24/2022, 4:54 PM
is this your first time deploying Airbyte: Yes OS Version / Instance: Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS / EC2 CPU / Memory : 2 / 8Gb Deployment: EKS Airbyte Version: 0.32.0-alpha Source name/version: PostgreSQL - 0.3.7 Destination name/version: S3-Parquet - 0.1.1 Step: On sync ( Full refresh - overwrite) Issue - When i am submitting multiple connections ( having postgresql as source and s3-parquet as destination) on airbyte then for sometime connection works fine but after sometime connection doesn’t get finished. It just hangs in running state forever and never finish also no new connection starts on the airbyte. Also I checked the source and destination pods in EKS, they also remain in running state and never gets completed. Any help would be appreciated.

Octavia Squidington III

03/24/2022, 5:10 PM
@Marcos Marx (Airbyte) turned this message into a ticket to ensure timely resolution!

Marcos Marx (Airbyte)

03/24/2022, 7:14 PM
If you create a PokeAPI source to S3 it works? My suggestion is to debug if the worklfow source->destination is working. Also if you have any logs from the connection or the server will help us debugging the issue

Hokam Singh Chauhan

03/25/2022, 4:43 AM
Hi @[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx i am see only one line in connection logs from airbyte. Below is the image for the same. Nothing else comes in this log file.