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09/30/2021, 1:15 AM
It's patch notes time <!channel>, let's go over the changes from our new minor version,
. As usual, bug fixes are in the thread. New source: LinkedIn Ads New source: Kafka New source: Lever Hiring 🎉 New License: Nothing changes for users of Airbyte/contributors. You just can't sell your own Airbyte Cloud 😁 💎 New API endpoint: You can now call
in the web backend API to search sources and destinations. (contributed by @Mario Molina) 💎 K8s: Added support for
for connector images. 💎 MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL sources & destinations: Now support connection via SSH (Bastion server) MySQL destination: Now supports connection via TLS/SSL BigQuery (denormalized) destination: Supports reading BigQuery types such as
by reading the
field (contributed by @Nicolas Moreau) Hubspot source: Added contacts associations to the
stream. GitHub source: Now supports pulling commits from user-specified branches. Google Search Console source: Now accepts admin email as input when using a service account key. Greenhouse source: Now identifies API streams it has access to if permissions are limited. Marketo source: Now Airbyte native. S3 source: Now supports any source that conforms to the S3 protocol (Non-AWS S3). Shopify source: Now reports
on the
stream if you have Shopify Plus. Stripe source: Now actually uses the mandatory
config field for incremental syncs. 🏗️ Python CDK: Now supports passing custom headers to the requests in OAuth2, enabling token refresh calls. 🏗️ Python CDK: Parent streams can now be configured to cache data for their child streams. 🏗️ Python CDK: Now has a
class that can cast record fields to the data type expected by the schema. Thank you to our awesome contributors. Y'all are amazing: @Mario Molina, @Pras, @Vladimir Remar, @Christopher Wu, @gunu, @Juliano Benvenuto Piovezan, @Brian M, @Justinas Lukasevicius, @Jonathan Stacks, @Christian Gagnon, @Nicolas Moreau, @aristidednd, @camro, @minimax75, @peter-mcconnell, and @sashkalife!
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🐛 Amplitude source: Fixed schema for
objects. 🐛 Asana source: Schema fixed for the
, and
streams. 🐛 GitHub source: Added error handling for streams not applicable to a repo. (c_ontributed by @Christopher Wu_) 🐛 Google Search Console source: Verifies access to sites when performing the connection check. 🐛 Hubspot source: Now conforms to the V3 API, with streams such as
reflecting the new fields. 🐛 Intercom source: Fixed data type for the
field. (contributed by @Christian Gagnon) 🐛 Iterable source: Normalization now works as expected. 🐛 Pipedrive source: Schema now reflects the correct types for date/time fields. 🐛 Stripe source: Incorrect timestamp formats removed for
streams. 🐛 Salesforce source: You can now sync more than 10,000 records with the Bulk API. 🐛 Snowflake destination: Now accepts any date-time format with normalization. 🐛 Snowflake destination: Inserts are now split into batches to accommodate for large data loads.
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Philippe Boyd

10/02/2021, 2:27 PM
you guys are not creating release summaries anymore?

David Schenk

10/04/2021, 8:00 AM
Wow great! We were really looking forward to the Kafka Source Connector. Does it also support pure SSL certificate authentication (no SASL)?

Isaac Looremeta

10/04/2021, 8:48 AM
I am yet to see Kafka listed as a source in my installation even after a manual upgrade. Can anyone help with this?

[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx

10/04/2021, 8:59 PM
you guys are not creating release summaries anymore?
I think these release were small fix to Cloud 😃 Probably next week we'll have the CHANGELOG again @abhi fyi
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I am yet to see Kafka listed as a source in my installation even after a manual upgrade. Can anyone help with this?
You need to upgrade 😄

Isaac Looremeta

10/05/2021, 6:41 AM
@[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx Thnaks, but I had already upgraded to 0.30.9-alpha at the time of asking. Still can't see it.

[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx

10/05/2021, 6:04 PM
Oh! Isaac this source wasnt added into the seed file. Only after 0.30.10+ sorry about that. You can add manually though

Isaac Looremeta

10/06/2021, 6:25 AM
Oh. Thanks for the info @[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx. I'll look at how to add it manually.