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11/04/2021, 12:17 AM
Hey <!channel>! It's patch notes time. Let's go over the changes from
and before. But before we do, let's get a quick update on how Hacktober is going! 🎃 Hacktoberfest Submissions 🎃 ----------------------------------------- New Destination: Elasticsearch (contributed by @Jeremy Branham) New Source: Salesloft (contributed by @Pras) New Source: OneSignal (contributed by @Bo) New Source: Strava (contributed by @terencecho) New Source: Lemlist (contributed by @Igli Koxha) New Source: Amazon SQS (contributed by @Alasdair Brown) New Source: Freshservices (contributed by @Tuan Nguyen) New Source: Freshsales (contributed by @Tuan Nguyen) New Source: Appsflyer (contributed by @Achmad Syarif Hidayatullah) New Source: Paystack (contributed by @Foluso Ogunlana) New Source: Sentry (contributed by @koji matsumoto) New Source: Retently (contributed by @Subhash Gopalakrishnan) New Source: Delighted! (contributed by @Rodrigo Parra) ----------------------------------------- with 18 more currently in review... ----------------------------------------- 🎉 Incremental Normalization is here! 🎉 💎 Basic normalization no longer runs on already normalized data, making it way faster and cheaper. 💎 ----------------------------------------- 🎉 Airbyte Compiles on M1 Macs! Airbyte developers with M1 chips in their MacBooks can now compile the project and run the server. This is a major step towards being able to fully run Airbyte on M1. (contributed by @Harsha Teja Kanna) BigQuery Destination: You can now run transformations in batches, preventing queries from hitting BigQuery limits. (contributed by @Andrés Bravo) S3 Source: Memory and Performance optimizations, also some fancy new PyArrow CSV configuration options. Zuora Source: Now supports
as an option for the Data Query Live API. Clickhouse Source: Now supports SSL and connection via SSH tunneling. As usual, thank you to our awesome contributors that have done awesome work during this productive spooky season: @Tuan Nguyen, @Achmad Syarif Hidayatullah, @Christopher Wu, @Andrés Bravo, @Harsha Teja Kanna, @Collin Scangarella, @haoranyu, @koji matsumoto, @Subhash Gopalakrishnan, @Jeremy Branham, @Rodrigo Parra, @Foluso Ogunlana, @EdBizarro, @Gergely Lendvai, @Rodeoclash, @terencecho, @Igli Koxha, @Alasdair Brown, @bbugh, @Pras, @Bo, @Xiangxuan Liu, @Hai To, @s-mawjee, @Mario Molina, @SamyPesse, @Yuhui Shi, @Maciej Nędza, @Matt Hoag, and @denis-sokolov!
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🐛 Oracle Source: Now handles the
data type correctly. 🐛 Snowflake Source: Fixed parsing of extreme values for
data types. 🐛 Hubspot Source: No longer fails due to lengthy URI/URLs. 🐛 Zendesk Source: The
stream now pulls data past the first page. 🐛 Jira Source: Normalization now works as expected.

[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx

11/04/2021, 12:18 AM
Woooohoooo! And there are so many other connectors next week! I make here my public apologize to everyone who already submit a connector and is not merged yet octavia loves
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Eric Hartono

11/04/2021, 12:23 AM
Thanks for the update team! 👏


11/04/2021, 9:43 AM
Well done team!
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