Hey, <!channel>! Here are the patch notes from <ht...
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Hey, <!channel>! Here are the patch notes from v0.35.31-alpha to v0.35.45-alpha 🚀 New source: Orb (contributed by @kgrover) *New and improved features* • The Snowflake destination connector now has a reduced memory footprint (#10394) • The MySQL destination connector now accepts a JDBC URL input that allows users to specify additional JDBC parameters for the connection (#10362) • Improved performance and reliability and added
stream for the Facebook Marketing source connector (#9805)(#10655) • Added Audience reports for the TikTok Marketing source connector (#10398) • Added a
stream to the Shopify source connector (#10449) • The Salesforce source connector now supports
Replicate Incremental Deletes
(#10454) • Added the option to filter survey IDs for the SurveyMonkey source connector (#8768) • Added support for Google Meet Audit Activity Events for the Google Workspace Admin Reports source connector (#10244) • Speeded up discovery >20x by leveraging parallel API calls for the Salesforce source connector (#10516) • Improved the sync rate for the Zendesk source connector (#9456) • Implemented privileges check for the Redshift source connector (#9744) • Added
stream for the Chartmogul source connector (#10756) 🐛 Bug fixes • Fixed the
stream for the Chargebee source connector (#10366) • Fixed the Python checker configs and Connector Base workflow (#10505) • Fixed field type for
for the Shopify source connector (#10419) • Fixed the connector replication failure due to multiple open portals error for the CockroachDB source connector (#10235) • Fixed sync issues from HubSpot to MySQL for
create table
(#10485) octavia thanks Thank you to our awesome contributors! @Titas Skrebė @Koen03 @tbcdns @Philip Corr @Lucas Wiley @Alasdair Brown @Azhar Dewji @jdclarke5 @lshrinivas @zuc @Aaditya S @rfortmann-ewolff @gunu @keterslayter @atorrescogollo @Philippe Boyd @Nahid Oulmi @monai @ron-damon @dpnova
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@Alexandre Martins @Sebastià Galmés 👀 Zendesk and SurveyMonkey
is there a timeline for better support with Mac M1 arm64/amd64 issue?