Hey all, today, I’m super excited to introduce *me...
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Hey all, today, I’m super excited to introduce *metriql*; the first open-source metrics store.  🚀👨‍🚀 It lets companies define their metrics/KPIs as code centrally on top of their dbt projects and sync their data models seamlessly to multiple BI or data tools at once. It's a headless BI solution for all your company data. We're aiming to bring standardization to metric definitions so modern data stack tools can integrate with each other better than ever. Take a look at our launch blog post and feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss/explore further how you can use metriql with Airbyte 🙂
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One possible use we see for Airbyte users is to automate the modeling process in BI tools for their data which has been EL’ed with Airbyte and T’ed with dbt :)  We will soon write a blog tutorial on how to build an end-to-end data pipeline using Airbyte, dbt, metriql, and Metabase ( similar to this work: https://airbyte.io/recipes/build-a-github-activity-dashboard-for-your-project)
as a airbyte + dbt + metabase user this looks interesting
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