Hello team ! I just configured Airbyte to copy dat...
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Hello team ! I just configured Airbyte to copy data from a PostgreSQL to another one. In my destination PostgreSQL database I want the data to be copy in a specific schema, So I have used the "Default Schema" parameters... but the data has been copy in the dbo schema. Any idea ?
@florent dubroqua if you want to transfer to a specific schema you need to overwritten to that specific schema. This is possible in Airbyte 0.26+
Are you saying that this parameter does not work in my version 0.22 :
I'm talking about the default schema parameter
@florent dubroqua so you choose the
but the data was transfer to
? at the 0.22 version the destination will use always the default
Ok, i will upgrade to the last version and try again !
@[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx • I have now the last version 0.26.4-alphaI have update the Postgres connector to 0.3.4 • I have recreated the connection between my source and destination But it keep writting in the dbo schema. When I look at the connection sync trace and do a search for the name of my schema I don't have any match. am I doing something wrong ?