Hi Everyone I'm curious is it possible to change ...
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Hi Everyone I'm curious is it possible to change the frequency of replication after 1st job run without breaking anything or any form of data issue? As an instance for my 1st configuration and setup I did a 24hrs frequency for all my replication to monitor and see how Airbyte performs with our data , however with intention to change some tables with incremental append to frequency less than 24hrs to reduce latency after the first week of successful replication. I will love to get feedbacks so as to be able to communicate with the management to be aware of data latency as well as properly manage them. There was no mention of changing frequency possibility in the doc, so I want to be check if it's a one of setting or the frequency can be changed after Look forward your response. Thank you
@[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx @George Claireaux (Airbyte)
This is totally fine @Opeyemi Fabiyi sending an example to you from one connection where start with 5 min and after I changed to 15 min
Okay Thanks @[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx I dropped an Issue I'm currently facing which I observed during my replication in the #troubleshooting channel , I tagged you but no response yet which is very critical for me I don't know if it's a bug with Airbyte or it's a normal behavior or there are fixes