Hello everyone, I have a bug when using the file s...
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Hello everyone, I have a bug when using the file source connector. It don't detect the correct order in my columns... I supply a csv with no headers so I specify in the reader option the columns names but then when it detect the schema the colunns are not in the order I gave it
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Hey Charles 👋 looks like it's alphabetically ordering rather than retaining your order... I'll have a look if that can be easily patched
On the same topic though, where is the file located? I ask because if it's in S3 there is a separate S3 connector that supports CSV which might do what you want already
is it just the UI re-ordering alphabetically but they should be correctly mapped (in the catalog json file for example), right?
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OK so, sorry for the delay @George Claireaux (Airbyte)... The csv file is located on a HTTPS repo (no S3 connector)
Indeed the JsonSchema is correct, but I when I export the file to parquet on a S3 destination and I reimport it in my spark workflow the columns are in the UI order
Would you mind creating an issue for this @Charles? This will allow us to not lose track of the problem and to prioritise the fix 🙂
I created it a few days ago 🙂
But was moved to type/enhancement
Ah great thanks