Hi Airbyte Team, I am using Airbyte to do CDC from...
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Hi Airbyte Team, I am using Airbyte to do CDC from Postgres to BigQuery. Do I need to create a new replication slot every time I add a new table to the existing connection? I have updated the setting to include more tables and seems like it’s only adding new changes but doesn’t do any initial sync.
Here is the new setting. Originally, I was only syncing orders, and I added the other 3 later.
Hi, I believe we only need one replication slot. Can you check that you've created publications and identities for the other tables? https://docs.airbyte.io/integrations/sources/postgres#create-publications-and-replication-identities-for-tables
turned out I need to reset the connection by clicking on
reset your data
to make it work
you need to reset every time you add another table
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