# ask-community-for-troubleshooting

Alibek Tokayev

10/20/2021, 7:17 PM
Hi everyone, Thanks to the Airbyte community for developing such a great product. We like it, but we have one concern: We would prefer for all the configurations to be stored as code in a version control system and perform proper reviews and CICD process. I couldn’t find an answer to this question. The only options that I see would be to use the API, but it would be somewhat clumsy implementation. Do you guys have any suggestions regarding this?

[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx

10/20/2021, 8:02 PM
Unfortunately no, you need to export your config and remove the fields and handle then to have CI/CD process

Noel Gomez

10/20/2021, 9:11 PM
this is what we are planning to do as well, extract, save in repo, push to prod via CI/CD process

Alibek Tokayev

10/21/2021, 2:06 PM
Thanks for the replies. It would be nice to have some kind of best practice document for CICD process. Noel, please share your experience later on 🙂
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