Simple question on editing an existing connection....
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Simple question on editing an existing connection. How? I am clicking on things and going in a circle. Click on Connections and see my connection. Click on one of those connections and see the history and reset/sync screen. Click on sources and see my sources. Click on a source and see the source description (with a launch button). Click on the dedestination and go to the destination. I want to edit this source, not run it and not see the destination. I click on the gear and I can see what objects I want to ingest but I want to change the actual connection info (like user/pwd). This is a salesforce connection if that makes any difference. How do I do that?
Just an FYI, what I really want is to get to the screen with the client_secret and refresh_token.
UI is counterintuitive. To edit the connection click on "Connections" then click on the connection you want to edit and then on "Settings" at the top of the page.
Same for Sources
I do that and I still don't see where I can change the actual connection info. I see where I can change the frequency, namespace, table prefix and data but not the connection details.
Ack. I see it now. I didn't get what you meant by clicking on the actual conection. I'm in now. Thank you!