So I just setup an Airbyte EC2 instance with 100Gi...
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So I just setup an Airbyte EC2 instance with 100GiB of storage setup on the root volume. With that, I'm concerned about log storage over time. Does Airbyte currently manage how long logs are stored in the
currently or do these accrue with time and need to be cleaned out occasionally for long running EC2 instances?
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We have already a logs clean setup on airbyte we clean it occassionally
Awesome. I have some fairly long running Airbyte jobs going right now and it looks to generate about 0.3 GB of logs per run. Do you know how often the logs cleaner runs? I'm trying to determine the size of the root volume that is needed if I'm running these jobs every 24 hours.
@Harshith (Airbyte) @[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx , is there any documentation on how frequently the logs cleaner runs? Just looking to understand how much storage to allocate to an EC2 instance.
@[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx let me know and I'll add this to our docs!
Hi all, Just wanted to follow-up on this to see about the logs cleaner cadence. Hoping to avoid a storage overload in the EC2 instance.