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Alec Taggart

12/10/2021, 10:58 PM
Hi all 👋 I am messing around with basic normalization and am running into some issues. I exported the dbt project airbyte created for my connector and threw it in a git repo so I could test custom transformations. However without changing any of the models yet I cant seem to get the connector to work with the same exact dbt files airbyte generated. This is the error I am getting
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dbt found 1 package(s) specified in packages.yml, but only 0 package(s) installed in /tmp/dbt_modules. Run "dbt deps" to install package dependencies.

[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx

12/10/2021, 11:56 PM
@Alec Taggart did you take a look in the demo-hour showing how to do custom transformation:


Alec Taggart

12/10/2021, 11:57 PM
checking right now
@[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx not sure if you sent the wrong link or not but this video only goes over using airbyte with airflow+gcp i did not see a mention of dbt or custom transformations
I am assuming you meant to link this video correct?

it looks like there is discussion on this topic here ( I will go test this now )
@[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx looks like I was able to get it working thanks to the video. I will go try to make some changes to the models and see if I can get that working now. I think these steps should really be highlighted in the documentation! I am sure others have this issue