Hello there! New to airbyte. Have a question about...
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Hello there! New to airbyte. Have a question about the connectors that you offer. Can I use say Salesforce source connector in my own python code? The reason I need this is that I do not intend to send the data from the source to a destination, but instead use it for analytics or some other purpose. If you could provide a code example of how I can use a source connector, I would really appreciate that.
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For analytics, you would still have to point to a data source or a flat-file. If that's the case you could still use the Salesforce source connector and point to the respective destination (say a file or database or data warehouse). this way you could configure airbyte and not write any additional code for it
@Manish Ballav Airbyte framework is designed to help you transfer data from a connector to a destination such as a flat file or a data warehouse on which you will make an analysis. You can't use our connector directly in your python code to read the source data. I'd encourage you to install Airbyte and set up a connection between salesforce and your preferred destination.