# ask-community-for-troubleshooting

Daniel Eduardo Portugal Revilla

01/18/2022, 1:57 PM
Good morning! I am evaluating Airbyte, Could you help me with this? Airbyte complies with it?👋 Detectability/Reliability/Recoverability • Should be able to handle various error states (retries, alternate paths, etc) • Guaranteed delivery, data will get to its target eventually, ability to pick up where it left off • Ability to get alerted / notified clearly or visually when an error occurs Developability • Has to take a reasonable amount of time to migrate existing connectors and implement new connectors • Must be able to migrate over existing connectors (Jira, SQL, MYSQL, Snowflake, S3) without losing any necessary functionality • Must be easy to maintain and fix errors (not too much hidden away from engineers) • Must require a minimal amount of writing custom code • Must not be substantially more work to implement things than what it takes today • Must provide the ability to easily track/audit/troubleshoot how data flows from source(s) to target(s) end-to-end within the pipeline • Must be able to share and collaborate with others on a shared set of jobs/processors, etc (realtime collab nice-to-have, ability to publish to a shared registry/database/repository) • Shouldn't require a lot of debugging to maintain over time • Shouldn't be too easy to build it out the wrong way

Augustin Lafanechere (Airbyte)

01/18/2022, 2:40 PM
Hi @Daniel Eduardo Portugal Revilla, we're glad that you're evaluating Airbyte. I think for a fair evaluation most of these questions should be answered by your own experience of our tool. In term of "developability" here are my two cents: • Airbyte mainly offers a no-code user experience through the UI, except for your platform deployment code, there's no custom code to write or maintain in classic usage. • Our tool is open source, you can easily investigate the code yourself and track ongoing bugs and work on our Github repo • We have a container development kit allowing you to add custom connectors in case your connector need is not covered by the open-source connectors.