Hi, I just started looking at using Airbyte to rep...
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Hi, I just started looking at using Airbyte to replicate on-prem Sqlserver database tables to BigQuery in GCP. I used “Basic normalization” with “No custom transformation”. I am able to replicate the tables in Sqlserver to BigQuery. However, I notice the dataset created in BigQuery is automatically chosen as “dbo” which is the schema name of the Sqlserver database tables (btw, the database is “XYZ” and the tables are like dbo.tableABC in Sqlserver). I would like to force the destination dataset name in BigQuery to use the Sqlserver database name “XYZ” (and the table names in BigQuery should be the same as in Sqlserver with or without the dbo prefix). Is there a simple way to do this? Thanks a lot.
Essentially I am trying to see if I can change the Dest namespace name generated/set by Airbyte?
you can use the Custom Namespace format
Thank you. I think I figured it out.