# ask-community-for-troubleshooting

Fridtjof Petersen

01/23/2022, 6:27 PM
Heya! We are slowely setting up Airbyte (deployed locally as Airbyte Cloud not availabe in EU yet). Is it possible already possible to use the Google Sheets adapter with OAuth? Having to download the json file with credentials doesn't seem too save! (And if not - any suggestions on where/how to store those credentials?)
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Jonas Bolin

01/24/2022, 10:26 AM
It should work just fine with the service account file

Augustin Lafanechere (Airbyte)

01/24/2022, 1:31 PM
Hi @Fridtjof Petersen you can use Oauth by selecting
Authenticate via Google (Oauth)
in the credential field.
Service Account Key Authentication
should also work if you provide a valid json key?

Fridtjof Petersen

01/24/2022, 8:14 PM
Ah yes with the service accounts it does in deed work fine! But if I select oAuth I thought it would redirect to to Google to fill in my credentials automatically. But from the looks of it, I would have to create an oauth credentials account myself? Again, I an not on Airbyte Cloud

Marcos Marx (Airbyte)

01/25/2022, 1:31 AM
Unfortunately for open-source is not possible to use OAuth 😞