Hi, team. I am using the API to create a new works...
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Hi, team. I am using the API to create a new workspace.
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  "email": "<mailto:support@example.com|support@example.com>",
  "anonymousDataCollection": false,
  "name": "string",
  "news": false,
  "securityUpdates": false,
  "notifications": [],
  "displaySetupWizard": false
Here’s the payload, I specify displaySetupWizard as false. But I still see the wizard after I use the newly-generated workspaceId to access the workspace. for example, http://localhost:8000/workspaces/7c7922da-9199-4610-b4e3-3de5686abd0a How do I bypass the UI? I was redirected to
The UI is used for our internal support team.
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more info here, if I use the list endpoint to list all workspaces, the payload exists, and the values are correct. But somehow I was redirected to
. It’s not a big deal, the internal team can detour it. I wondered if I could improve it.
To automate the whole flow, it looks like I have to call
Update workspace state
to flip the flag of
though the payload is almost the same compared to the one in the create api.
Hmm makes sense can you create an issue around this so that team can comment and track it
Looks after you create the workspace the API return
"initialSetupComplete": false,
which can be the reason
is not allowed to be included in the request.
I am happy to help. the non-urgent ticket is a good onboarding ticket. Can you loop the right person to help triage it? Give me a direction, related tests I may add.