Hello Team, I was trying to setup the Facebook Ma...
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Hello Team, I was trying to setup the Facebook Marketing API connector but I get stuck on this error: FacebookAPIException(‘Error: 2635, (#2635) You are calling a deprecated version of the Ads API. Please update to the latest version: v13.0.’) It looks like: https://github.com/airbytehq/airbyte/issues/6337 I need to open an issue? Have a nice day
Under settings / Sources it should list which versions of the Airbyte connector you are using for each source. I would double check that you are using the latest version for
Facebook Marketing
. I show the latest version to be 0.2.33 which is 3 versions ahead of what it was for me when I first setup Airbyte a month or two ago. I noticed though the change log doesn’t show the details of 0.2.32 or 0.2.33
The source connector is already using the latest facebook marketing sdk
hey @[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx i'm having the same issue. was there any resolution for this?
Hey are you on the latest version of the connector ?
@Harshith (Airbyte) I’am already using the latest 0.2.33 Facebook Marketing connector version
I think you should upgrade to use the latest _“facebook_business~=13.0”_ API airbyte-integrations/connectors/source-facebook-marketing/setup.py
Can you create an issue around this so that team can track it ?
@Harshith (Airbyte) yeah i'm on the latest version.
Sure thanks for creating the issue. Team will look into it
@Harshith (Airbyte) any update about this issue?
Hey added high priority label and to the roadmap team should look into it soon