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Artem Astapenko

02/09/2021, 11:07 PM
Chris, I have next error in api-catalog branch. Have you faced that before?
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> Task :airbyte-integrations:connectors:destination-jdbc:test

JdbcDestinationTest > testSpec() FAILED
    org.testcontainers.containers.ContainerLaunchException: Container startup failed
        at org.testcontainers.containers.GenericContainer.doStart(
        at org.testcontainers.containers.GenericContainer.start(
        at io.airbyte.integrations.destination.jdbc.JdbcDestinationTest.setup(

        Caused by:
        org.rnorth.ducttape.RetryCountExceededException: Retry limit hit with exception
            at org.rnorth.ducttape.unreliables.Unreliables.retryUntilSuccess(
            at org.testcontainers.containers.GenericContainer.doStart(
            ... 2 more

            Caused by:
            org.testcontainers.containers.ContainerLaunchException: Could not create/start container
                at org.testcontainers.containers.GenericContainer.tryStart(
                at org.testcontainers.containers.GenericContainer.lambda$doStart$0(
                at org.rnorth.ducttape.unreliables.Unreliables.retryUntilSuccess(
                ... 3 more

                Caused by:
                org.testcontainers.containers.ContainerLaunchException: Timed out waiting for log output matching '.*database system is ready to accept connections.*\s'
                    at org.testcontainers.containers.wait.strategy.LogMessageWaitStrategy.waitUntilReady(
                    at org.testcontainers.containers.wait.strategy.AbstractWaitStrategy.waitUntilReady(
                    at org.testcontainers.containers.PostgreSQLContainer.waitUntilContainerStarted(
                    at org.testcontainers.containers.GenericContainer.tryStart(
                    ... 5 more


02/09/2021, 11:13 PM
has this happened multiple times? there are a couple pretty rare transient issues with test containers.
want to sanity check that it happened twice in a row.
if it did, i will dig in more.

Artem Astapenko

02/09/2021, 11:15 PM
I can try to run it 1 more time. So far I had issue with running
./gradlew clean build -x test
as some python base source was failing. Decided to try without -x test. Actually its possible that i just had got out of RAM and something gone wrong.
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Chris (deprecated profile)

02/10/2021, 8:43 AM
No sorry, i’ve never seen this

Artem Astapenko

02/10/2021, 10:56 AM
Nevermind, I was able to build. Not from the first try but at least was able 🙂
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