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Artem Astapenko

03/05/2021, 3:53 PM
@charles According to the task It says:
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green = active and last sync was successful
grey = not active
red = active and last sync failed
but we have only next :
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      type: string
      description: Active means that data is flowing through the connection. Inactive means it is not. Deprecated means the connection is off and cannot be re-activated. the schema field describes the elements of the schema that will be synced.
        - active
        - inactive
        - deprecated
How should we understand that last_sync was failed? Will we have 1 more status? is
field somehow responsible for that? Or we should identify it based on something else? I have changes ready on UI, but now we need to understand what field we are going to use for it. Or Maybe we need to add lastSyncStatus field?


03/05/2021, 5:15 PM
good point. definitely not enough information.
just put an update on the issue for what we should do. we will need to add to the API to do the full feature and we probably can't do that this week. Let's ship the feature with just green and gray (rules explained in the issue). Once the API change is made, we will open a new issue to add red. But once we have green and gray we can call this issue complete.
does that work for you?

Artem Astapenko

03/05/2021, 5:46 PM
Got it. Sounds good.
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