I there, I just opened a <PR> for a change to an e...
# connector-development
I there, I just opened a PR for a change to an existing connector. I’m not sure why, but there don’t seem to be any integration tests. Not sure why, could someone maybe take a look?
@Augustin Lafanechere (Airbyte) @Sherif Nada FYI this is the extension of the BambooHR connector we discussed the other day. I went for a switch to include default fields or not, along with an optional list of custom fields. Should cover most use-cases.
@Oliver Meyer to run integration tests you need to execute: ``./gradlew airbyte integrationsconnectors&lt;name&gt;integrationTest`.
Btw the issue you are hitting with the integration tests is because you dont have Java 17 being used