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Khan W

06/10/2022, 7:55 PM
~~Hey everyone! I'm looking to hire a web developer to build a web-app. If you're interested please DM me! Scope: Web app that displays a list of Service Recipients and Forms, fill out or sign forms with dynamic fields, and view form records. Tech: HTML, JavaScript, UI framework up to developer, web API, Firebase Auth Remote, Contract We’re looking for a web developer to develop a web app for helping employees record daily records while on the job. The app consists of loading a list of service recipients and forms for the employee to fill out. Then allowing the user to fill out a form and view old form entries. An API has already been implemented for storing and validating data, and only the web frontend needs to still be developed. There wouldn’t be any need to develop anything for creating service recipients, users, or forms, only a UI for filling out, viewing, and signing forms. We’ve also already developed an iOS and macOS app implementing this same functionality. We're looking to build a streamlined mobile-only web version of the same app. Forms are a list of fields that can display/input different data types such as strings, numbers, boolean, signatures, selection lists, and dates. The UI for these forms is very similar to Google Forms, where each field has a name and input and can process multiple data.~~


06/12/2022, 5:52 AM
Tried sending a friend request to learn more. If you are still looking to fill the role, let's chat! If not, you can safely ignore this thread

Khan W

06/12/2022, 6:11 AM
Hey absolutely, I’m away from my computer but I’ll shoot you a dm in the morning!