José Longo

06/12/2022, 9:28 PM
Hi there... I can't apply a schema with template
i've changed dendron.yaml
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        name: agenda
        dateFormat: y.MM.dd
        addBehavior:                 asOwnDomain
created file agenda.schema.yml
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version: 1
  # Daily is the top most schema since its parent is 'root' it must have an identifier
  # this identifier 'daily' will be used when using 'Lookup (schema)' command.
  - id: agenda
    parent: root
    # Children of the top most schema do not need to contain identifier and just
    # require a 'pattern' to be set to match the hierarchy of notes.
      - pattern: agenda
          - pattern: "[0-2][0-9][0-9][0-9]"
              - pattern: "[0-1][0-9]"
                  - pattern: "[0-3][0-9]"
                    # As with regular schema we can set the template to be used with
                    # the match of our notes. Below is an example usage of shorthand templated
                    # definition (which defaults to type: note).
                    template: templates.agenda
and a that contains the m5j example
every time i press ctrl+shift+j or ctrl+shift+i its created a but with default content
with just the frontmatter
Also if i click on any day on calendar view, i get a file with name
how i can remove the daily part in this situation and any idea why the template isn't applied
Any help will be appreciated
I also changed the first pattern directive on schema.yml to '*' without success