11/16/2021, 12:48 AM
A lot of questions here, @User @User haha so here we go: - Without VSCode being used to look at the files, a vault just is a single directory with all the note files (if there are images, too, those get stored in a subdir). A workspace involves some more files. These files can be opened in any text editor, too, but the VSCode extension helps with all the magic - All Dendron markdown notes have custom YAML headers that include things like
, etc. and created/updated timestamps that are automatically managed by the Dendron extension in VSCode - If you never want to publish your notes, Dendron works great! It's a local-first approach, and the notes never have to be published (or even stored on) the internet if you don't want to - I use a multi-vault workspace, myself, that pulls in my vault that I publish to my website, also vault(s) that are private repos on GitHub, and I bring in vaults that are public GitHub repos. There are many paths here 🙂 - How well does it handle corruption: If using git to track your vault contents, this means all your notes are versioned over time. One benefit is that, if anything wonky may happen to a file, that you can retrieve an earlier version of the file if needed. Data/file corruption of plain text files rarely happens, but having versioned files is super helpful in the rare instance of it occurring - I've been playing around with potential ways to do Zettelkasten with Dendron, like how fleeting notes can be done with scratch notes, and how using Dendron tags can help further organize notes outside of hierarchy. Dendron has built-in support for backlinks by default, so you can see how others reference them, and also can visualize with the note graph Some resources that may be helpful: - Zettelkasten article: - Another Zettelkasten article: - Dendron tags: - I use Obsidian (with mgit for git management, on Android) for accessing Dendron notes on my phone. Can see the blog post about mobile use, where I mention Obsidian with mgit: - If looking for more iOS friendly tooling, there is a good catalog here: - What is PARA: and - For bigger projects: I myself am writing short stories, using Dendron, and also migrating my novels into Dendron. There is a word count extension that Microsoft makes, that throws a wordcount at the bottom status bar 🙂 I'm planning to use Dendron as the central source-of-truth, and use tools like
and others when it comes to exporting out. I'm still getting the hang of things, but I'm interested in getting
, and other helpful tools (maybe
?) working with my notes