02/02/2022, 6:34 AM
So, way back, I wanted to learn Emacs just so I could use org-mode to "track my digital life" (and get some hacker cred!). Back then, Ubuntu was my daily driver and I was enthralled by all things clickity-click. I took Emacs for a looong ride (knowing nothing about lisp or programming in general) and eventually got sort of good using org-mode. But after the 1000th time fiddling with my .init file at 2am, trying to get some packages to play nicely, I gave up. It was just too hard to learn the "emacs operating system" 🙂 . Fast forward to today, I'm on windows (whatever) and have been using VS Code to learn Python for a couple years. I started to learn about the Extension ecosystem and what could be done with VS Code besides coding. It hit me that what I was trying to do in Emacs years ago, may be doable and more approachable in VS Code. I've now got ~50% of the functionality I wanted from Emacs org-mode stood up in VS Code (obviously Dendron is a HUGE part of my workflow!). But... There are 4 things (so far) that I have NOT figured out / aren't available in VS Code: - Executing code blocks within markdown files - Email from within text editor (not possible on Windows) - Browse the web from text editor - Whiteboarding from within the text editor