Google-searchableSlack alternative
for Communities

Linen is a real-time chat platform built for communities. We are SEO friendly while providing a modern chat experience.

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Benefits of a forum and a real-time chat

Information gets lost in real-time chat. Linen solves this by letting Google find your content. Our advanced threading model let you drag and drop messages and threads to reorganize your content.

Lightweight - 500KB

Linen is 1000x more lightweight than alternatives. This means that we load faster, use less bandwidth and are more responsive

Unlimited history

Move beyond 90 days of history retention. Linen has no limits on history retention for free public communities.

Grow your community

Linen is Google indexable. This means that your community will show up in search results and you can grow your community organically.

Existing communities

Already have a community?

Linen suports two way sync between Slack and Discord so you can gradually transition your community to Linen.

Two way real-time sync
You can sync all of your existing conversations from Slack and Discord. This means that any messages that gets sent in Linen will show up in Slack or Discord and vice versa in realtime.
Anonymize your users
Linen can anonymize your users with a click of a button. We will hide their names and profile pictures from your community
Import entire history
You can import your entire community history. Linen will save and publically archive your conversations beyond 90 days. We even can access your Slack history beyond 90 days without upgrading Slack


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Upgrade for branded community

Hosting your own branded community on your website can boost your online presence through SEO and ease the load on your support team by encouraging members to find answers on Google.



The perfect plan for non profits and hobbyists who don't need a custom domain

  • Google indexable
  • Unlimited history retention
  • Hosted under
  • Community support
  • Import Slack and Discord conversations
  • Unlimited members
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Most popular


Up 100 members with increase of $5/month per 100. Perfect for those who want a small or private community

  • Google Indexable
  • Private communities
  • Unlimited history retention
  • Branded commmunity
  • Private channels
  • Custom domain
  • Sitemap generation
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Up to 5,000 members with increase of $50/month per 5,000

  • Google Indexable
  • Unlimited history retention
  • Branded commmunity
  • Private channels
  • Priority Support
  • Custom domain
  • Sitemap generation
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