05/25/2023, 10:51 PM
So I put out an update to my game this week, and I am getting complaints that the game's performance gets worse and worse as the game goes on to the point where "no levels are beatable" I've checked for memory leaks and can't find any (not that there isn't something I missed) But I a really having a hard time debugging this and trying to pinpoint the issue.... Problem #1: it takes an hour to build for windows. So I mostly end up not testing a whole lot in that environment so I'm not 100% sure that when I do test I see the same things players are seeing... Problem #2: Trying to use Chrome's profiling tools to figure out where the lag is coming from - it definately comes in spikes... things will be very smooth and then a huge spike for a second or two of lag then things are fine again. But it takes soooo long for the Profiler to show up so I can even see what's going on, it's very very sluggish to navigate around, and I can't make any sense out of anything that would tell me where the problem is... Any suggestions? Anyone able to help me out?