05/25/2023, 1:58 PM
> In Haxe, there is no built-in mechanism for deep copying objects. However, you can use various approaches to achieve deep copying depending on the complexity of the class and its properties. Here are a few commonly used techniques: > > * Manual Cloning: Implement a custom clone method in your class that creates a new instance of the class and manually copies the values of its properties. This approach works well for classes with a limited number of properties or when you have control over all the properties. Here's an example: > > * Serialization/Deserialization: Use Haxe's serialization mechanism to serialize the object into a byte stream or JSON representation, and then deserialize it to obtain a deep copy. This approach is useful when dealing with complex objects or when you want a general-purpose solution. Here's an example using Haxe's haxe.Serializer and haxe.Unserializer: > > * External Libraries: You can leverage external libraries that provide deep copying functionality. One such library is hxdeepclone (, which provides a convenient way to perform deep cloning of Haxe objects.