05/25/2023, 4:44 AM
So I have a scrolling background, but the movement is a little choppy. Anyone know how to fix this? Details: -Trying to do Pixel Perfect stuff. -in the Project.xml, I set width=416, height=240, resizable=false -in Main.hx I do:[nee ShaderFilter(new FlxShader())]); = StageQuality.LOW; FlxG.resizeWindow(1248, 720); Above gives me the PixelPerfect screen I want for now. -I put a big (3x the screen size) Sprite on the screen and move it to the left by setting the velocity -I have pixelPerfectPosition set to true -when running (build for windows) every half second or so it twitches left/right a little bit -I thought maybe it was due to non-whole numbers being set for x, but I also tried moving without setting velocity and just doing x -= 1 and it still looks choppy. I also tried setting x to a whole number using elapsed and the roundDecimal method. Still looks choppy