Windi CSS
I think it might be a bit tricky because they claim using their postcss integration is discouraged https://windicss.org/integrations/postcss.html
Unless i'm reading this wrong
I think that's only relevant to people using framework already supported
otherwise, postcss works just fine
ye its discourages as other integrations offer better tooling
I think it will be kinda hard ass most stuff right now is going with vite/webpack/rollup support
I read thru the code - the key diff between postcss and the other is that for rollup/vite for example, they uses the built-in filewatcher (via their plugin system) to compile the css, meanwhile for postcss they opt for a chokidar process which resulted in double watching the file system.
I think windi is basically tailwindv2 fork made to speedup the compilation by tapping into each bundler's native watcher. Perhaps the postcss plugin for tailwindv3 might have improved since then